Place a Legal Notice

Notices can be faxed to our office (253-627-2253) or emailed to Notices can be emailed as word documents or PDFs; MS Word documents (.doc) are preferred. Please make sure publishing instructions are included in the request as well as billing address and phone number. If you have any other questions, please call 253-627-4853 for more information.

For most notices, the deadline for publishing is noon the business day before publishing. For Trustee’s Sales, the deadline is noon, 2 days before publishing. The Tacoma Daily Index publishes Monday through Friday, excluding court holidays.

Cost for legal notices is listed below:

  • Notice to Creditors $156.00 (Flat Fee)
  • Non-probate Notice to Creditors $171.00 (Flat Fee)
  • Summons – Dissolution of Marriage (Washington State) $390.00 (Flat Fee)

All other notices are per word: $37.00 per 100 words for the 1st publishing and $33.00 per 100 words for each subsequent publishing.

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  • Please use only .doc, .txt or .pdf files.
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