Work under way to improve Tacoma crosswalks

City of Tacoma officials announced Tuesday work is under way to complete $2.5 million in pedestrian crossing improvements citywide.

City of Tacoma Public Work Department staff completed 45 crosswalk stripings at 22 sites across Tacoma over the weekend. This work included sites where the existing crosswalk was faded, or where compliant ramps are currently in place and new striping could be added. The City of Tacoma is also working to complete curb ramp improvements at three to five sites that tentatively include South 12th Street and Union Avenue, South 39th Street and Yakima Avenue, and North 26th and Shirley streets. The goal is to get as much work completed before the scheduled winter break that starts on Weds., Nov. 26 and runs through February. Work will resume again on March 2, 2015 and continue into August.

The sites were selected by the public during the “Talk the Walk” community outreach effort that took place earlier this year. The City of Tacoma plans to spend $2.5 million in one-time funds on these improvements, with $300,000 dispersed to each of the five council districts, and $1 million to downtown Tacoma.

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