Welcome To Tacoma: Gateway signs proposed near city entrance points

The City of Tacoma is accepting bids from contractors to install gateway signs near four entrance points into the city limits, according to a legal notice published this week in the Tacoma Daily Index.

Bid documents prepared by City staff show the project would install the signs near the following locations: South 19th Street and South Jackson Avenue; South Center Street and South Mullen Street; Northshore Parkway and 45th Avenue; and South 72nd Street and East F Street.

The project budget is estimated between $250,000 and $261,000. The bid deadline expires at 11 a.m. on Tues., Nov. 3. More information is available online here.

Last year, the City awarded a contract to Nordic Construction to install a gateway entrance sign near the intersection of South 56th Street and South Orchard Street (see “Tacoma Bid Watch: Fire simulation training, ADA street improvements, and gateway signage,” Tacoma Daily Index, Jan. 6, 2015). Similar signage was installed along Sprague Avenue in 2013 (see “First phase complete on Sprague Avenue enhancement project,” Tacoma Daily Index, March 5, 2013).