Water Flume Line: Contract approval would continue trail construction

The City of Tacoma could move closer this week to building the next phase of Tacoma’s Water Flume Line Trail.

The historic trail—formerly known as the Water Ditch Trail—was originally part of a 111-year-old system that crossed Tacoma and extended to Mt. Rainier. The trail restoration project is part of the City of Tacoma’s effort to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety along the South Tacoma Way Corridor by restoring the 6.5-mile trail.

City of Tacoma Engineering Project Manager Said Seddiki told the Tacoma Daily Index last year the Water Flume Line Trail project is being completed in four stages:

  • Phase One (2.7 miles / $1.6 million) — Completed in 2009 (see “Phase one Historic Water Ditch Trail complete,” Tacoma Daily Index, March 5, 2009), this phase included trail improvements along South Clement Street between South 60th Street and South 72nd Street, and between South 47th Street and South 56th Street;
  • Phase Two (1.8 miles / $2.25 million) — Completed in 2015 (see “Water Flume Line: Bicyclists, pedestrians celebrate historic trail restoration,” Tacoma Daily Index, April 30, 2015), this phase included trail improvements between South 72nd Street and South 80th Street, between South 56th Street and South 60th Street, and from Washington Street at South Tacoma Way to South 47th Street;
  • Phase Three (0.83 miles) — This phase includes trail improvements on South Tacoma Way between South Pine Street and South M Street;
  • Phase Four (1.17 miles / estimated $2.86 million) — This phase includes trail improvements on South Tacoma Way between South M Street and South C Street.

In February, the City of Tacoma published a legal notice in the Tacoma Daily Index (see “Tacoma Bid Watch: Prairie Line Trail, Water Flume Line Trail, and building demolition,” Tacoma Daily Index, Feb. 11, 2016) inviting contractors to respond to a Request For Proposals (RFP) to build Phase Four of the Water Flume Line Trail. Bid documents prepared by City staff showed the project included the construction of the shared-use trail, curb ramps, curbs, gutters, and storm drains, as well as the installation of landscaping and chain link fences.

The project budget was estimated between $1.6 million and $2 million. The bid deadline expired on Tues., Feb. 16. According to information posted on the City of Tacoma’s Web site, five contractors responded to the RFP: Pivetta Brothers Construction Inc. (Sumner, Wash. — $1,875,218); Miles Resources LLC (Puyallup, Wash. — $1,838,851.55); Tucci & Sons Inc. (Tacoma, Wash. — $1,775,699.92); Rodarte Construction Inc. (Auburn, Wash. — $2,098,313.50); and Olson Brothers Excavating Inc. (Puyallup, Wash. — $2,076,198).

Tacoma City Council is scheduled to vote on a resolution to award a contract to Tucci & Sons, Inc. in the amount of $1,775,699.92 (sales tax not applicable) — plus an 18 per cent contingency — for a cumulative total of $2.1 million for construction of Phase Four of the historic Water Flume Line Trail during a public meeting at 5 p.m. on Tues., March 22, at Tacoma City Hall. Copies of the agenda, resolution, staff memo, and area map are available online here and here and here and here, respectively, and posted below:

UPDATE | WEDS., MARCH 23 @ 11:06 A.M. – Tacoma City Council approved the resolution (without comment) to award the contract.

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