Tacoma selects work by 30 artists to expand Municipal Art Collection

The Tacoma Arts Commission has approved the selection of nearly three-dozen new pieces of portable artwork to be added to the City of Tacoma’s Municipal Art Collection.

In June, the commission issued a call for artists living in four nearby counties to submit their work as part of the 2015 Portable Works Collection Purchase program (see “Tacoma seeks artists to expand Municipal Art Collection,” Tacoma Daily Index, June 24, 2015).

According to a Dec. 18 staff memo included in Tacoma City Manager T.C. Broadax’s most recent weekly report to Tacoma City Councilnearly 1,150 submissions were received from more than 200 artists. An eight-person panel of arts community stakeholders reviewed more than 100 pieces from 60 artists during a selection process.

The panel recommended purchasing 32 pieces of work by 30 artists that include Juan Alonso-Rodriguez, Zack Bent, Gala Bent, Buddy Bunting, Romson Bustillo, MalPina Chan, Bill Colby, Neeka (Lloyd) Cook, Peter de Lory, Lynn Di Nino, Karen Doten, Jennifer Frohwerk, Randi Ganulin, Sarah Gilbert, Julia Haack, Claire Jones, Eunice Kim, Fred Lisaius, Hugo Ludena, Jeremv Mangan, Kelda Martensen, Chandler O’Leary, Marvin Oliver, Mary Randlett, Elise Richman, Samuella Samaniego, Samantha Scherer, Preston Singletary, Jessica Spring, and Susan Zoccola.

The panel’s recommendations were reviewed and approved by the Tacoma Arts Commission during a public meeting in November, according to the staff memo. The City plans to spend $41,690 (before taxes) to purchase the art by using funds set aside by the City’s One Percent for Art program. Looking ahead, City of Tacoma staff plan to review the entire Portable Works Collection and identify public locations for exhibition.