Tacoma residents asked to complete technology survey

To better understand how Tacoma residents use technology to retrieve and communicate information – as well as any related areas of need that may exist – the City of Tacoma is in the process of conducting its first Community Technology Survey. Piloted this past summer to 250 randomly selected households representing a diverse cross-section of the community, the full survey begins this week, and a condensed version of the survey is now available over the next six weeks to all Tacoma residents at tacomatechsurvey.com

“Preliminary data has indicated that there may be certain areas of need across Tacoma relating to the way residents access the internet and use technology to retrieve and communicate information,” said City of Tacoma Information Technology Department Director Jack Kelanic. “What we glean from this survey will inform our work as we strive to analyze, understand and help bridge any gaps, while also determining what role the City should play to promote a digitally engaged and productive community.”

The Community Technology Survey is part of the City’s overarching efforts to find solutions to issues involving inequity in Tacoma, and to consider how equitable access to the internet and technology can impact employment, economic development, education, health, safety and community engagement.

“We are studying whether our community members have what they need technology-wise to achieve their goals,” said Kelanic. “It is very important that we hear from everyone throughout this survey process.”

Available in English, Korean, Khmer, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese, the Community Technology Survey at www.tacomatechsurvey.com allows for completely anonymous responses. Findings will be summarized in a report to the City Manager and the City Council, and published on TacomaData (https://data.cityoftacoma.org/)

Questions regarding the Community Technology Survey process can be directed to the City’s Information Technology Department by dialing 311 within Tacoma city limits, or (253) 591-5000 from anywhere else.

– City of Tacoma