Port handles largest car haul in its history

The Northwest Seaport Alliance unloaded more than 4,800 vehicles off the Glovis Composer auto ship Jan. 9 and 10. The roll-on/roll-off ship from Korea berthed at Terminal 7 in Tacoma.

At 656 feet long and 106 feet wide, the ship has a total capacity to transport 6,400 vehicles. During this call, the South Harbor received 4,818 vehicles in addition to six high and heavy cargoes, making this the single-largest auto discharge off a vessel in the Port of Tacoma’s history. In 2016, discharges from this same vessel averaged around 1,825 cars.

These vehicles will be transported throughout the country and will reach as far east as Chicago and Ohio. The Glovis Composer returned to Korea earlier this week.

– Port of Tacoma