Pierce County to build major Gig Harbor traffic roundabout

Pierce County residents are invited to learn about a planned roundabout at the intersection of Point Fosdick Drive Northwest, Stone Drive Northwest, and 34th Avenue Northwest during an open house this month in Gig Harbor.

A roundabout is a circular intersection where motorists travel counterclockwise around a center island. According to Pierce County officials, the roundabout will be one lane, and will feature crosswalks with flashing lights that alert motorists that a pedestrian is crossing and an apron that trucks can drive onto if extra room is needed when turning. The project will also include additional street lighting, pervious concrete sidewalks that reduce surface water runoff, curbs and gutters, and storm drainage treatment facilities.

“This will be the first roundabout in unincorporated Pierce County built by the county,” said Pierce County Public Works Engineer Brian D. Stacy. “The open house is an opportunity for the community to take a first look at the project, offer feedback on the design, and learn how the roundabout will benefit traffic in the area.”

There will not be a formal presentation at the open house. Instead, the community can drop by at any time to visit informational booths hosted by Pierce County staff about the project design, the benefits of roundabouts, traffic changes, and environmental issues.

The project design is in progress, and construction will likely begin in 2018. The project will cost approximately $3.6 million. It will be funded by a grant of approximately $1.7 million from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board’s Urban Arterial Program, along with approximately $1.9 million in county road funds.

The open house will be held on Weds., June 24, between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., at the Goodman Middle School Commons, located at 3701 38th Ave. NW, in Gig Harbor. More information is available online here.