Pierce County: Prepare today for flood season

Pierce County residents should prepare now for flood season to keep their family and property safe by purchasing flood insurance, keeping storm drains clear of debris and leaves, and storing valuables and household chemicals above flood levels. Additionally, individuals are also encouraged to create a family plan that identifies a safe route from their home, school, and work to high ground, a meeting place for family members in case they are separated, and an out-of-state contact to call if local phone lines are busy or down. An emergency kit should include at least a seven-day supply of food and water, first aid supplies, extra clothing and blankets, prescription medicine, and hygiene and sanitation supplies.

Flood season in Pierce County is between November and March,” said Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy. “Everyone should get ready and have a plan for flood season, whether or not they live near a river or a creek.”

Residents who live or own property near flood hazard areas within unincorporated Pierce County will soon receive a flood preparedness postcard. The card directs residents to piercecountywa.org/flood, where they can find information on Pierce County’s Flood Warning System and emergency contact information; actions property owners can take to avoid flood disaster – before, during, and after a flood; and flood insurance facts and how to purchase flood insurance.

More information is available online at piercecountywa.org/prepare.