New Tacoma mural asks, ‘Why Downtown?’

A vacant building in the heart of downtown Tacoma will soon boast an artistic mural that aims to promote the city center.

According to officials at Downtown On The Go (DOTG), a non-profit organization that advocates for transportation choices and land use policies that promote a vibrant and integrated downtown, visitors are encouraged to participate in the interactive mural project that asks why people visit, live or work in downtown Tacoma.

“The exhibit is meant to improve downtown, gather input and raise awareness of Downtown On the Go’s Live Downtown program, which incentivizes downtown employees to live close to work, and Downtown On the Go’s commuter resources, which help people choose healthy commute options,” said DOTG manager Kristina Walker.

The building and mural are located near the corner of South 11th Street and Market Street. The exhibit will be unveiled officially at the First Night celebration on Dec. 31.

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