Mumps case confirmed at Jason Lee Middle School

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department received confirmation Tuesday, Jan. 24, that a student in Tacoma Public Schools has mumps. The student attends Jason Lee Middle School and returned to class when no longer contagious.

“The mumps outbreak in Pierce County is spreading,” said Nigel Turner, communicable disease division director at Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. “Public health is essential to control these outbreaks, limit their effects on the community, and inform the public about how to respond to disease threats,” Turner said.

Because mumps is highly contagious among people who are in close contact for prolonged periods, it can spread easily and quickly in a school setting. The mumps exposure at Jason Lee Middle School happened away from school.

The Health Department recommended Tacoma Public Schools exclude unvaccinated and under vaccinated students from attending school. The exclusion will begin Jan. 25 and may affect 20 of the school’s 528 students who are not adequately vaccinated. As soon children receive the required doses of the vaccine, the district will allow them to return to school.

For information about immunizations, visit online:

– Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department