Most expensive home in Pierce County?

By Morf Morford
Tacoma Daily Index

Pierce County is not well known for its luxury homes. But we do have them. And as you might imagine, they are mostly behind walls, fences or natural barriers.

Our middle class neighborhoods are prominently visible, and our poorer neighborhoods are visible, though usually tucked away and almost designed to be barely noticed. Pierce County has its relatively wealthy neighborhoods – Tacoma’s West Slope and parts of the North End, and some (mostly secluded) lakeside areas of Lakewood in particular. But wealthy neighborhoods in the multi-million dollar range?

In a county where the average home costs a bit over $200,000, million dollar homes are few, and multi-million dollar homes are even fewer. And unlike the million dollar homes, you won’t find the multi-million dollar homes in clusters or neighborhoods.

We have slightly over one thousand homes that cost over a million dollars in Pierce County. And seven that are valued at over three million.

The most expensives homes in Pierce County are in northwest Pierce County – which is code for the peninsula in and around Gig Harbor. These are single-family residential parcels with a total value in the price range of a bit over 3 million dollars. For the most part these are isolated dream-homes with stunning views.

Privacy is at a premium, and life-style is a key marketing feature. With enough money, those with assets do what most of us would do if we could – have a custom-made home based on a theme or area of passion.

These are not the well-known (and much maligned) McMansions – these are the (usually) specifically designed dream homes with a seemingly infinite budget.

To put it mildly, these homes do not come on the market very often. And for most of us, the financial atmosphere is a bit too rarified to allow participation. But we can look.

And some of us had the opportunity to do this recently. And yes, it was like a step into another world.

The property I saw was 4717 19th Street Cout NW (you can see it here:

This property, by any definition, is stunning. At 8,936 square feet (sf), this property with 450 feet of waterfront, on Wollochet Bay, is the perfect compound featuring 2 bedrooms, (one in a guest cottage) 3 full plus 2 half baths. This European-inspired carriage house sits on a bit over 7.5 acres of lush land, stunning water and territorial views and includes a long private dock and deep water moorage – enough for several guest watercraft and the current owner’s 80 foot yacht. Estimated cost per square foot for this residence is $772.

The owner has a garage designed to hold and care for a full set of collectible cars (at least eight). There is also a storage bay for a full-sized RV and a separate fully-featured car wash. And three helicopter pads.

But what you see is only the beginning. Even at close to 9,000 sf, this is not the intended final home – in fact it is described as a carriage-house. And that is what it is. It is a one bedroom home wrapped around a car collection

Across the property is a cleared and permitted site for the permanent home – a 20,000 sf matching French Chateau.

This property was previously offered at $10.5 million, which would make it easily the most expensive residence in Pierce County. It is currently on the market for $6,900,000 – still the most expensive property in Pierce County.

If you are in the market for homes anywhere in the world in the price range of 3 to 50 million dollars, you can follow future auctions at

Footnote: For comparison, the median home value in Tacoma is $254,800. The median list price per square foot in Tacoma is $170, which is lower than the Seattle/King County average of $235.

Photo by Morf Morford

Photo by Morf Morford