LED street lights coming to Tacoma’s Lincoln International Business District

The iconic red ornamental lights and street lights in the Lincoln International Business District will soon glimmer with new light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, City of Tacoma officials announced Monday.

Thirty-one ornamental street lights and 20 standard cobra head street lights will be outfitted with the new LED bulbs, and four new standard cobra head LED street lights will be installed. The lighting upgrade is a part of the City’s existing work plans within the Lincoln International Business District. It is estimated to cost approximately $125,000. Additionally, $4.3 million has been set aside for improvements to the Lincoln International Business District this biennium.

Work begins today, and will take place along South 38th Street from Tacoma Avenue South to South Thompson Avenue, and along South Yakima Avenue from South 38th to South 39th streets. Work is projected to be completed in approximately two weeks. Minimal traffic impacts are anticipated while the new LED lighting is being installed.

UPDATE | WEDS., MARCH 4 @ 1:30 P.M. – Tacoma Daily Index editor Todd Matthews was in the Lincoln International Business District this morning to photograph the street light installations.