Hilltop’s Rev. Crittendon earns humanitarian award

The City of Tacoma named Reverend Ivory Crittendon the 2012 2nd Quarter recipient of the Human Rights Champion Award.


Reverend Crittendon has spent more than 50 years advancing the human rights of youth in Tacoma’s Hilltop community. He has kept countless teens out of gangs, often in the face of great danger to himself. Many of the youth he has mentored have grown up to be successful and productive members of society. In 1992, Reverend Crittendon started the Christian Brotherhood Academy located at South 21st Street and Martin Luther King Way on the Hilltop. The school focuses on providing daycare and preschool opportunities to children in a safe, loving and enriching environment. Reverend Crittendon is a pillar in the Hilltop community for the advancement of human rights.

The City of Tacoma’s Human Rights Commission introduced the Human Rights Champion Award in 2012 to recognize individuals and organizations in Tacoma that provide services in the city for the advancement of human rights. To learn more about the Tacoma Human Rights Commission and/or to nominate someone for the next Human Rights Champion Award, visit the City of Tacoma Human Rights and Human Services Web site here or call (253) 591-5151 (voice) (253) 591-5153 (TTY).