Electric vehicle charging station grant funds available for Tacoma business owners

In response to the growing electric vehicle market, Federal stimulus grant funds are available to local business owners to install public customer charging stations. The Puget Sound area is one of a handful of regions that can take advantage of this opportunity. Businesses have until September 2011 to pursue the available grant funds to help the Puget Sound area plug-in to a new era of transportation innovation and reduce the fossil fuel costs and emissions. The benefits to becoming a charging station host include free charging stations; up to $2,500 for installation (through EV Project only); free maintenance coverage through December 2012; ownership of charging station transfers to site host at the end of the project; and recoup electricity costs, or even generate revenue by passing on charging fees to your EV customers. Requirements of charging station hosts include allow rapid installation of the charger; allow the general public to use the charger; provide adequate public signage; keep the charger in good operating order; cannot sell or move the charger once it is installed; and allow anonymous data to be provided for analysis. If interested, business owners need to call for a free estimate. To schedule your free assessment and estimate, or for more information, contact: Jim Blaisdell with Chargepoint America Project, ChargeNorthwest at (253) 265-0919 or Dan O’Shea with the EV Project, Ecotality at (206) 920-1477.

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