City turns attention to ‘Filthy 15’

Tacoma city leaders are focusing attention on some of what they deem to be ‘dangerous’ and ‘derelict’ buildings in the area via a new Web site entitled ‘The Filthy 15.’

A message on the Web site asks, “Have you ever wondered when the collapsing building down the street will be repaired?” The site is designed to answer that question. The ‘Filthy 15’ is a project of Tacoma CARES (Cleanup and Revitalization Efforts), which has worked for the past 10 years to create cleaner and safer neighborhoods in Tacoma, and is part of the city’s Public Works Department.

According to the site, the 15 properties highlighted are not in full compliance with the Tacoma Municipal Code. A photograph, address, designation, and reason each property is on the ‘Filthy 15’ list is included on the Web site. For more information, visit