City of Tacoma seeks consultant to study anticipated construction job opportunities for Hilltop residents

To connect Hilltop job seekers with anticipated opportunities in the region, including the Tacoma Link Extension project, the City of Tacoma seeks a consultant to do a detailed analysis of their specific needs.

“Investing in transit is an opportunity to equitably invest in the people who live in our city and specifically, the Hilltop, as we extend light rail to this historic neighborhood,” said Mayor Marilyn Strickland.

“According to a 2016 report commissioned by Tacoma Housing Authority, there are approximately 24,000 jobs in Hilltop, but only about 400 Hilltop residents work at these jobs,” said District 3 Council Member Keith Blocker. “The City of Tacoma is committed to ensuring that residents –and particularly those in Hilltop where there is clearly a compelling need – can enjoy the economic benefits that emerge from construction jobs in the area.”

Working with input from the Hilltop Engagement Committee, Links to Opportunity Advisory Committee, and City staff, the selected consultant would provide insight into any employment barriers that Hilltop job seekers experience. Additionally, the selected consultant would design programs and services to engage and support Hilltop job seekers throughout their efforts to gain employment.

Questions can be directed to Monica Ghosh at or (253) 348-9694.

                                             – City of Tacoma