City of Tacoma: Annual code compliance survey under way

The City of Tacoma’s Code Compliance Section is conducting its annual visual survey of the properties along Tacoma’s main arterials to identify opportunities for individuals to improve their compliance with the City’s Nuisance and Minimum Building and Structures Code. The effort aims to help meet the City’s strategic goal of being a safe, clean and attractive community.

Code compliance inspectors are looking at properties to assess if there may be a code violation with the main focus on building and property conditions. The function of City codes is to maintain public safety and help protect property values.

“These areas are the front door to our community,” said Tacoma Code Inspector Supervisor Dan McConaughy. “The City wants to partner with property owners in our key corridors to help increase economic opportunities and promote healthy communities. If there is an opportunity to improve compliance, a follow up warning postcard will be mailed to the property owner. As part of the program we want to identify the potential code violations, make sure the property owner is aware of the issue and provide resources to help property owners mitigate the issue if they need assistance.”

Last year, code compliance inspectors focused on business districts. This year, all properties, businesses and residences along main arterials will be included in the survey.

“We have sent letters to business owners within the affected business district areas to let them know we will be doing the visual survey,” added McConaughy. “We want to help our businesses and residents to understand how to enhance the safety of their structures and the appearance of our city and make sure they have information about the programs the City has to assist them.”

If property or business owners in Tacoma’s key corridors have questions, they should contact City of Tacoma Community and Economic Development Supervisor Carol Wolfe at (253) 591-5384.

Inspectors will be performing the survey now through March 14.