Citizens for a Healthy Bay unveils new logo

Citizens for a Healthy Bay has revealed their new logo, which represents the progressive nature and aspirations of the local grassroots organization, while still embracing its core values of community, conservation, and protection.

“We work to engage our community in the restoration and protection of our waters, so connecting with people really matters to our work. Often, our first connection with our community members is through our logo, so we wanted to reimagine our logo to better represent who we are,” said Melissa Malott, Executive Director of Citizens for a Healthy Bay.

The first element of the logo is a set of orcas — a mom with her calf. A subtle second element is the outline of two human figures intersecting with the whales. The logo presents dual ideas, that the human figures are swimming together and that of a parent with their arms around their child.

The only design element the logo retains from the old logo is the ‘CHB’ acronym, but even the acronym underwent a complete redesign. The new ‘CHB’ design serves as a reminder of the fluid, dynamic, and adaptive nature of both the organization and the water it seeks to restore and protect. The new logo was created as part of a collaborative effort between Citizens for a Healthy Bay and the product development consortium, CICLO P.D.C., with all work done completely pro bono.

“One of our goals for the new logo was to create a visual identity that embodies the spirit of Puget Sound, and to instill a sense that we need to work together for a healthy future for our waters and our environment,” stated Malott. “The new logo represents Citizens for a Healthy Bay’s view that we are deeply connected to our environment, that our environment is valuable and vulnerable, and that how we move into the future will impact future generations.”

Citizens for a Healthy Bay was formed in 1990 to represent Tacoma citizens in the Superfund cleanup of Commencement Bay, and to engage citizens in the cleanup, restoration and protection of Commencement Bay, the surrounding waters and our natural habitat.