Catch live word-smithing at Alma Mater

By Morf Morford
Tacoma Daily Index

If you’d like to catch some local word-meisters in their native habitat, Creative Colloquy lures readers and writers out of hiding, to connect, conspire and proclaim their inspirations and creations in-process.

The first gathering of 2020 is January 20, 6:45 p.m. at Honey at Alma Mater (1322 Fawcett).

Come imbibe in roasted bean concoctions, craft brews and vino varietals as writers and witnesses gather to listen to writers narrate their tales of discovery, befuddlement and encounters with the mysteries of the mundane and unexpected.

If nothing else, you might hear a story or two of someone you know.


Featured readers for this first reading of 2020 include:

Mishon Woolridge
Paul Richter
Alana Saltz
Sam Snoek-Brown
Nikita Nelin

Come early to sign up for the open mic session. Bring your short stories, novel excerpts, essays and poems to share.

Please keep in mind open mic allows scribes 5 minutes of stage time when choosing your piece. This time limit is firm to allow everyone to have an opportunity.