CASE NO. 15-2-08861-6 WRIT OF EXECUTION ON REAL PROPERTY IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF PIERCE 21ST MORTGAGE CORPORATION, A DELAWARE CORPORATION, Plaintiff(s), vs. DAVID K. BOESEN, DECEASED; NINA J. BOESEN, ET AL., Defendant(s). TO: DAVID K. BOESEN, DECEASED, Judgment Debtor: A WRIT OF EXECUTION ON REAL PROPERTY has been issued in the above captioned case, directed to the Sheriff of Pierce County, commanding the sheriff as follows: The State of Washington, To the Sheriff of Pierce County, You are Commanded: To take this Writ with attached copies of exemption statutes and levy upon, seize, take into possession and execution, the nonexempt real property of the below stated Judgment Debtors in your county, sufficient to execute and to satisfy the judgment, interest, increased interest, costs, and increased costs, to sell that property according to law, and to make return of this Writ within 60 days to the Clerk who issued it, on the basis of the following described judgment: Plaintiff, 21st Mortgage Corporation, as successor to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. by order entered September 13, 2016, was awarded judgment in the sum of $351,687.19 against defendants David K. Boesen and Nina J. Boesen, In Rem, on March 16, 2016 and entered in the Superior Court of Pierce County as follows: 1. Principal: $288,393.81 2. Interest owed to 2/22/16: $45,174.55 3. Interest owed to date of judgment: $1,044.93 4. Late Charges: $90.80 5. Ins. Disbursements: $3,259.00 6. Tax Disbursements: $10,395.61 7. Death Certificate $35.00 8. Filing Fee: $241.00 9. Mailing Costs $47.42 10. Ex Parte Fees: $41.00 11. Service: $740.00 12. Publication: $494.00 13. Attorneys Fees: $2,775.00 14. Post-judgment interest from date of judgment to 10/17/16 at 5.75% per annum ($55.57 per diem): $11,946.99 Amount due as of 10/17/16: $364,679.11 The Judgment Creditor has filed an affidavit pursuant to RCW 6.17.100 stating that this Writ of Execution is issued pursuant to a judgment specifically directing that the below described property be sold and that the defendants have no exemption in the property pursuant to RCW 6.13.080. The description of the property subject to the Writ is as follows: LOT 2, QUIET RIDGE, ACCORDING TO PLAT THEREOF, RECORDED ON DECEMBER 21, 1988 UNDER RECORDING NUMBER 8812210383, IN PIERCE COUNTY, WASHINGTON Assessor's Parcel Number 7092500020 And more commonly known as 6708 46TH AVENUE COURT EAST, TACOMA, WA 98443-1944. DATED: 15 NOV, 2016. BY DIRECTION OF THE HONORABLE JUDGE/COMMISSIONER FRANK E. CUTHBERTSON. JD #16-9-02289-9 KEVIN STOCK COUNTY CLERK TRICIA REED, DEPUTY CLERK SEAL OF THE SUPERIOR COURT OF PIERCE COUNTY WASHINGTON The sale date has been set for February 3, 2017. YOU MAY HAVE A RIGHT TO EXEMPT PROPERTY from the sale under statutes of this state, including sections 6.13.010, 6.13.030, 6.13.040, 6.15.010, and 6.15.060 of the Revised Code of Washington, in the manner described in those statutes. Writ May be Extended 30 days JOHN W. WEIL, WSB #14129 OF ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF TOMASI SALYER MARTIN 121 SW MORRISON ST, STE 1850 PORTLAND, OR. 97204 (503)894-9900 IDX-735044 December 14, 21, 28, January 4, 11, 18