Brookdale Road project resumes Tuesday

Construction on a project to replace a sewer main along Brookdale Road in Parkland will resume on March 11. Work is expected to be complete in 2016.

Pierce County is replacing about 5,000 feet of pipe with a 72-inch diameter interceptor pipe. The existing 30-inch diameter sewer pipe is nearing its capacity of seven-million gallons per day, is heavily corroded, and is located in an area affected by high groundwater levels. Groundwater seeps into the sewer pipe, reducing its capacity to carry wastewater.

Work began on this project in October, but was suspended due to unfavorable conditions, according to Pierce County officials.

NW Cascade is the project contractor. The project is funded by sewer ratepayer funds, and is expected to cost approximately $9.3 million. This work is part of Pierce County’s Sanitary Sewer Capital Improvement Plan.

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